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Most recent collaborations _______

Sarah Murcia quartet
Sarah Murcia, bass - Olivier Py, tenor and soprano sax - François Thuillier, tuba - Benoît Delbecq, e-drums and piano
Premiered in 2018. To be released in 2019 on Label Bleu.

John Hébert Trio with Gerald Cleaver, since 2008.
New York most in-demand bassist John Hébert has founded this creative music trio in 2008 with maverick drummer Gerald Cleaver. FLOODSTAGE, the second disc recorded at Tedesco studio NJ in december 2012 will be out on Clean Feed in January, 2014.

François Houle / Evan Parker / Benoît Delbecq since 2008.

A trio dedicated to free improvisation with two masters of this most demanding artform.

Miles Perkin quartet with Tom Arthurs and Thom Gossage, since 2009.
Now based in Berlin, Canadian bassist and composer Miles Perkin has formed this viby quartet playing a music made of subtile and profound ideas.

A new CD will be released in 2019, with Jim Black on drums. Recorded in Berlin in july 2018.

Mario Costa OXY PATINA
with Marc Ducret, Bruno Chevillon, Benoît Delbecq
CD on Clean Feed. Recorded August 2017 in Viana do Castello.

François Houle 5+1 With Taylor Ho Bynum, Samuel Blaser, Michael Bates and Harris Eisenstadt.
Since 2012.
François Houle has premiered in Toronto this amazing group formed of 6 bandleaders. The band has toured Canadian Festivals in June/July 2012 and recently played in New York.

Edward Perraud Synaesthetic Trip with Bart Marris (trumpet) and Arnault Cuisinier (bass), since 2010.

Most in-demand French drummer Edward Perraud has formed this band upon the idea of multi aesthetics in improvisational developments of his compositions.

Bobby Previte Panatlantic quintet, since 2009. 

With Gianluca Petrella, Wolfgang Puschnig, Nils Davidsen and Bobby Previte. CD on AUDAD.


























































































































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